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Laura Benanti on Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

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Jonathan Groff’s Stephen Sondheim/ Britney Spears Medley.

You’re welcome.

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Like the legend of the phoenix

All ends with beginnings

Daft Punk by Pentatonix (x)

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Have a spooktacular night! Here’s our family Halloween pic (via ): Well done, !

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Here’s to the ladies who sing

[4/10] Regina Spektor

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If you want to change something about yourself, whether it is your hair color, your makeup, or your nose, I support you. If you do not, then I support you in that. I urge you to do exactly what you want to do to make yourself feel beautiful. And I’m not talking about beauty according to magazine standards or Hollywood standards, but your standards.

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Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan, who say, like other castmembers, the most meaningful feedback they get from the show comes from young fans. “When they say they relate most to Ian, or they had a father just like Frank, and they feel this show is a lot like their story finally being told, it really affects me,” says Monaghan. “We must be doing something right.” (x)

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I know it’s a little early but they FINALLY let me do a Christmas song! The guys from The American Authors came in and helped me make this Christmas song come to life with some banjo magic. They just put up their latest song Believer on their Facebook page. I am addicted and it’s ridiculous. So good. Hope ya like our version of this wonderful Christmas song.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Harry Shum Jr., Chord Overstreet at the GQ Men Of The Year Party, Chateau Marmont, West Hollywood

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The Daily Show
’s politically correct acceptance speech at the 2012 Comedy Awards.

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