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Lea Michele attends the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy on July 20, 2014

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Lea Michele attends the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy (July 20, 2014)

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Lea + mutually appreciating other celebrities
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I come from a very big Italian family; tattoos are very popular. 
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Lea Michele for Elle Magazine, December 2013

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Lea Salonga with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra closing out the After the Storm Benefit Concert for the Philippines held 6/15/14 at the Kennedy Center.  Darren Criss, Lou Diamond Phillips, apl.de ap and the other performers join Lea on stage around the 4:22 mark.

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The day Mr. Cory Monteith brought the #StanleyCup to set for us to enjoy!

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"While some of my friends were living in the world of 90210 with cute boys and tons of hairspray, I was living in the world of The Wizard of Oz with singing trees and ruby slippers." -Lea Michele

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I’ve been told that my butt is quite special. I would agree.
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@msleamichele After such an amazing few months w/ #Louder & #BrunetteAmbition it’s time get some sun & recharge…Aloha Hawaii! 🌴 
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I think people should just be proud of who they are. Negative stuff will always be said but it is the girl that can always wake up in the morning and put a smile on their face and continue to do what they do that has the best time.