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A Great Big World - Already Home (Starring Darren Criss & Jessica Szohr)

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Lea Michele - Cannonball (In The Studio) [Tumblr Embed]

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Title: UnknownTurning Tables
Artist: UnknownAdele
Album: Unknown21
Played: 3847 times


Turning Tables - Adele

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Title: UnknownWho Are You Now (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Album: Unknown
Played: 16524 times

Who Are You Now (Glee Cast Version)

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Title: UnknownPumpin Blood (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Album: Unknown
Played: 31432 times
Pumpin Blood (Glee Cast Version)
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Title: UnknownLovefool (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Album: UnknownGlee, The Music: Opening Night
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Lovefool (Glee Cast Version)

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Title: UnknownNYC (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Album: Unknown
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NYC (Glee Cast Version)

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Title: UnknownDo Better
Artist: UnknownSay Anything
Album: UnknownSay Anything
Played: 14041 times


Do Better by Say Anything

And it’s disgusting how little that you try.
The existential equivalence of pink eye.

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Title: Unknown10,000 Lakes
Artist: UnknownJohnny Gallagher
Album: UnknownJohnny Gallagher- Rockwood Stage 3- 1/27/2014
Played: 226 times


Why is this song not on youtube or anywhere else? It is pure perfection and I love it.

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Title: UnknownGold (live at the Laurence Olivier Awards)
Artist: UnknownArthur Darvill
Album: Unknown
Played: 2516 times
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Title: UnknownAfterlife
Artist: UnknownIngrid Michaelson
Album: UnknownLights Out
Played: 1184 times

Song of the Day: Afterlife by Ingrid Michaelson

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Title: UnknownLights
Artist: UnknownEllie Goulding
Album: UnknownLights
Played: 31935 times
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Title: UnknownThree-Octave Range
Artist: UnknownChris Colfer
Album: Unknown
Played: 54290 times


Chris and his three-octave vocal range -download-

A kind soul reminded me that Chris’ highest note wasn’t in Defyin’ Gravity, but (and shame on me for forgetting this song) in Not the Boy Next Door. That’s why I obviously decided to add it to my audio post and upload it again (with a new download link for who’s interested), because I couldn’t keep it like that knowing what was missing in it.

So, enjoy -again- and thank you so so much for all the love <3 

Potato queen’s out

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Title: UnknownRoyals
Artist: UnknownVitamin String Quartet
Album: UnknownMusic on Eternal Repeat
Played: 1088 times


Royals (Lorde Cover) - Vitamin String Quartet

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