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My ALS Ice bucket video. Thanks to my friends, Candice, Cody, Liz, Sam & Jon for the help…

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Backstage Tour with Daniel Radcliffe on The Cripple of Inishmaan x

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aplotkin716 … and so it begins… #TLOS3 #pressday #photobomb #reunited

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@msleamichele #NewYorkStateofMind in @MaisonValentino

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“Where’s my Carolina Herrera swimsuit?” laughed Naya Rivera, gazing at the pool. “I was just joking to my manager, like, ‘Now that it’s summer vacation, all I want to do is be a Lady Who Lunches.’” x

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Title: UnknownI'm Still Here (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
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I’m Still Here (Glee Cast Version)

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Chris Colfer Does Not Appeal To Teenage Girls.

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Bless this video and its maker.


Fanfuckingtastic!! XD