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a whistling Dalton!Blaine because even though there’s a lot of meta about Blaine and Dalton and it’s not always good, I love the uniforms and I loved his confidence in that uniform.

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blaine + text posts [part one]

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Blaine + #6

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"Blaine still has that look on his face—like Kurt is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen."

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Blaine + fiddling with Kurt’s clothes when he’s hitting on him (⊙‿⊙✿)

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Kurt Hummel: (X)

BLAINE ANDERSON YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH A LOT OF PAIN. Also your fiance is going to have to make a cameo soon that’s more substantial than a stray speech bubble but LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW.

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klaine hiatus challenge • day 15: favorite song blaine sang for/about kurt
'Cause all of me loves all of you

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I probably would have been Prom King if this school didn’t have so many stoners!

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Me, me, me against them

Me against enemies, me against friends