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*fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*

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Shipping is so weird. You’re basically in love with their love and you get all these very real feelings. You blush and you get butterflies when they look at each other or stand next to each other even, and your heart makes all these pangs and skips and does the tango. And when things fall apart it really does feel like your hearts breaking. and it’s just so weird. 

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about the blogger


name: Nastassia
birthday: april 19th
zodiac: aries
single or taken: single 
height: 5’8”?
eye color: hazel
middle name: Ann
favorite color: pink
lucky number: 9


hogwarts house: Gryffindor

favorite fictional character: Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, Ginny Weasley, Fred and George Weasley idk this could go on for ages

favorite television show: Oh god right now it’s so many shows ugh, of course there’s always glee, but i always say that and i’m kind of watching everything but glee atm. Let’s say shameless?

favorite season: fall

describe yourself in a few words: Strangely obnoxious socially awkward motherly type with anger issues that keeps everything to herself and loves to spread laughter at nearly any cost

future children’s names: totally undecided until kids actually enter the picture, but i’ve always loved annaliese and grant

meaning of your name: google always says “resurrection”, but i’d stick with asking the ukranians

what do you plan to/do for a living:  freelance makeup artist / anything that makes me happy

starbucks order: iced mocha w/ extra shot and no whip, or a regular lowfat mocha w/ no whip


introvert or extrovert
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea
rain or shine 
reading or writing

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when someone mentions Darren Criss



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it doesn’t matter how many shows I watch none of them will let me down like Glee let me down

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I live my life in musical theatre references and tears

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I don’t need my ship to be canon, I just need glorious fanfic to make it happen over and over again in a multitude of ways.

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my last words will probably be sarcastic

"what are you gonna do, kill me?"

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"sorry i didn’t answer your text/email/fb msg, i was too busy being overwhelmed by the prospect of human contact"—my forthcoming novella

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if you think that i’ll stay on my laptop all day in my underwear you would be 100% right

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Fuck, my tea.

— me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)
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Special skills: extensive Harry Potter knowledge, can watch an entire TV show in a week, knows words to every Disney song, can form abnormally strong attachments to fictional characters, Microsoft Word

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I strongly identify with wood elves because I too like to drink wine and talk about how men are failing

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I am only 1% human and 99% show tunes tbh

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Name: nastassia
Birthday: april 19th
Height: 5'8''? 5'9''?
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: brown
A random fact about you: i didn't learn how to ride a proper bicycle until i was 10
Favorite song: happy days / get happy
Favorite food: anything tbh
Favorite season: fall
Favorite animal: i'm digging giraffes lately
Favorite movie: the wedding singer
Your last phone call: my dad
Your last text: melissaaaaaa
The last thing you ate: these weird pretzel thins that are shaped like butterflies
The last thing you drank: water
The last song you listened to: ...worldwide by big time rush, i don't remember what prompted the urge to listen to it but i had to look them up again and now i'm currently listening to them on spotify. I still love them.
The last book you read: good omens. it's been a while.
The last movie you watched: how to train your dragon 2!!!!
Do you play any instruments? flute, although it's been a few years.
Places you would like to visit: scotland, ireland, indonesia, portugal, italy, spain, the whole world really
Your favorite color to wear: red? maybe gray too, but i stray towards really bright or really muted, there's no in-between with me.