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Title: UnknownScience Fiction Double Feature
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Album: Unknown
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Science Fiction Double Feature - Glee Cast

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Title: UnknownOf All The Gin Joints In All The World
Artist: UnknownFall Out Boy
Album: UnknownFrom Under The Cork Tree
Played: 4379 times


6. Fall Out Boy - Of All the Gin Joints In All the World

"I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive 
Now I only waste it dreaming of you 

Turn off the lights, and turn off the shyness 
Cause all of our moves make up for the silence 
And oh, the way your makeup stains my pillowcase 
Like I’ll never be the same” 

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Title: UnknownRather Be
Artist: UnknownPentatonix
Album: UnknownPTX Vol. 3
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Fall Out Boy- Centuries Live on Kimmel

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Title: UnknownCenturies
Artist: UnknownFall Out Boy
Album: UnknownCenturies - Single
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some legends are told,
some turn to dust or to gold,
but you will remember me,
remember me,
for centuries.

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Title: UnknownI Wanna Get Better
Artist: UnknownBleachers
Album: Unknown
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i am in the stars and everywhere you are…
…know that i’ll be alright

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Title: UnknownSomebody Kill Me (SANDLER)
Artist: UnknownFIDLAR (Ft. Kate Nash)
Album: Unknown
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FIDLAR (Ft. Kate Nash) - Somebody Kill Me (SANDLER)


You don’t know how much I need you.

While you’re near me I don’t feel blue.

And when we kiss I know you need me too.

I can’t believe I found a love that’s so pure and true.

But it all was bullshit.

It was a goddam joke.

And when I think of you Linda,

I hope you fucking choke.

I hope you’re glad with what you’ve done to me.

I lay in bed all day long feeling melancholy.

You left me here all alone, tears running constantly.

Oh somebody kill me please,

somebody kill me plee-ase,

I’m on my knees,

pretty pretty please kill me.

I want to die.

Put a bullet in my head.

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Title: UnknownTrade Mistakes
Artist: UnknownPanic! At The Disco
Album: UnknownVices and Virtues (Deluxe Version)
Played: 4921 times
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Title: UnknownNo Surprises (cover)
Artist: UnknownRegina Spektor
Album: Unknown
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Bring down the government
They don’t, they don’t speak for us

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Title: UnknownBabylon (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Artist: UnknownSZA
Album: UnknownZ
Played: 63193 times

sza ft. kendrick lamar - babylon

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Title: Unknown
Artist: UnknownWalk The Moon
Album: UnknownShut Up and Dance - Single
Played: 704 times


The official version of Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon !

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Title: UnknownLooking Up
Artist: UnknownParamore
Album: UnknownBrand New Eyes
Played: 1119 times
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Title: UnknownMorning Glow
Artist: UnknownJeremy Jordan
Album: Unknown
Played: 4665 times




Jeremy Jordan performing Morning Glow from Pippin. 

No but I’m actually obsessed with this. Makin Ithaca college proud, jeremy

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Title: UnknownPiano Man
Artist: UnknownBilly Joel
Album: UnknownPiano Man
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piano man // billy joel

sing us a song, you’re the piano man
sing us a song tonight
well, we’re all in the mood for a melody
and you’ve got us feeling alright

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