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Title: UnknownI'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About
Artist: UnknownMayday Parade
Album: UnknownA Lesson In Romantics
Played: 7081 times


I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About | Mayday Parade

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Title: UnknownNo One's Here to Sleep
Artist: UnknownNaughty Boy ft. Bastille
Album: Unknown
Played: 1872 times


In case anyone was wondering what song they played at the end of episode 4. 

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Title: UnknownMarry You (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Album: UnknownGlee: The Music, Season 2 Singles
Played: 6525 times


Glee - Marry You

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Title: UnknownLittle Bar On Sullivan Street
Artist: UnknownJay Armstrong Johnson, Patti Murin, Lauren Blackman, Colin Hanlon
Album: UnknownNext Thing You Know
Played: 97 times


"Little Bar On Sullivan Street" sung by Jay Armstrong Johnson, Patti Murin, Lauren Blackman, and Colin Hanlon from Next Thing You Know by Joshua Salzman (music) and Ryan Cunningham (book/lyrics).

We meet Waverly (Murin), a bartender, her boyfriend Darren (Hanlon), her best friend Lisa (Blackman), and one of the bar’s usual patrons Luke (Armstrong).

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Title: UnknownIf You Don't Know
Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Album: Unknown
Played: 70034 times


probably the most underrated song that 5sos has released

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i’m going through my old favs on youtube and i forgot they made this

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Title: UnknownCalifornia Rain
Artist: UnknownBetty Who
Album: UnknownTake Me When You Go
Played: 678 times


no one ask me how hard i just wept to this

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Title: UnknownGo the Distance/Defying Gravity Mashup
Artist: UnknownKick Full
Album: Unknown
Played: 187145 times



It’s time to try defying gravity-

               -Like a shooting star, I can go the distance-  

   -Kiss me goodbye I’m defying gravity- 

               -I will search the world, I will face its harms- 

    -I’m Flying high, I’m defying gravity-

                -I don’t care how far, I can go the distance-

    -And you won’t bring me down! And you won’t bring me down-

                                                                                 -‘Til I find my hero’s welcome right where I-

                                -And you won’t bring me…  

I forgot I had saved this- WoW what a good.

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you are home…

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Title: UnknownSugar
Artist: UnknownKarmin
Album: UnknownSugar - Single
Played: 1694 times
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Title: UnknownDon't rain on my parade (reprise)
Artist: UnknownBarbra Streisand
Album: UnknownFunny Girl (1964 OBC)
Played: 293 times

Don’t Rain on My Parade (Reprise) | Funny Girl

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Title: Unknown21. Always Starting Over
Artist: UnknownJackie!Elizabeth
Album: UnknownIf/Then - 10.2.14
Played: 712 times



Always Starting Over, Jackie Burns, October 2, 2014

She’s so perfect

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This place could burn for all we care…

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Title: UnknownAll I Want For Christmas
Artist: UnknownIdina Menzel
Album: UnknownHoliday Wishes
Played: 11066 times


All I Want For Christmas - Idina Menzel

From her album Holiday Wishes - out October 14! Preorder it here

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Title: UnknownLove Me Harder
Artist: UnknownAriana Grande & The Weeknd
Album: UnknownMy Everything
Played: 2864 times

I know your motives and you know mine

The ones that love me I tend to leave behind