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Eleven’s hour’s over now. The clock is striking twelve.

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Daniel Radcliffe with Peter Capaldi and Jon Hamm at The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

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Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly, in the right order?

— The Doctor Who fandom
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Grant Gustin on the set of The Flash 19 August 2014

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Glorious Pond, the girl who waited for me. I’m not a hero. I really am just a mad man in a box. And it’s time we saw each other as we really are.

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Klaine Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favourite Musical Moments in Season 5
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I made the first art for Klaine Reverse Bang 2014. I was inspired with a movie “Pacific Rim”, I think this is a perfect Klaine story :) My assigned author for this art had a terrible misfortune, so for now there is no story.

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60 Day Klaine Hiatus Challenge 

Day 59:Favorite Klaine Fandom Memory

"Eleven hours in ice skates! We’re ready for the olympics…or the hospital." [x]

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BTS vs. Episode 2/?

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Special skills: extensive Harry Potter knowledge, can watch an entire TV show in a week, knows words to every Disney song, can form abnormally strong attachments to fictional characters, Microsoft Word

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endless list of favourite characters: tenth doctor

"Imagine you were in Pompeii. And you tried to save them. But in doing so, you make it happen. Anything I do just makes it happen."

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Transphobic U.S. Congressman edits Wikipedia to include hate speech for Laverne Cox




Someone with an IP address sourcing to the House of Representatives just edited the Orange Is the New Black Wikipedia page with the telling summary of “not a woman.”

That’s right, this Congressman edited out a sentence hailing the show for including “the first ever women-in-prison narrative to be played by a real transgender woman.”  What did he replace it with?  Hate speech.

The Congressman called Cox a “man pretending to be a woman,” and linked to an offensive article by National Review Online aptly titled “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman.”

The change has since been reversed and the IP address has been banned from editing Wikipedia for a month, but you can see the original edit he made in the link above.

The change was spotted by a Twitter bot which tweets out links any time a Congressional IP address edits Wikipedia.

Spread this like wildfire.

(articles on The A.V. Club, Yahoo, and NY Daily News)

oh hell fucking no.

check out their user page, apparently they get blocked a lot

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