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just unfollowed someone that i’ve been following a while because they reblogged really unbelievable kurt hate

i can’t believe i’ve reached this point

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# i'm sorry but if you're blaming all of klaine's fault's on kurt then i honestly just don't know what to say to you # that is a new level of stupidity and i just can't tolerate it # this just in: klaine is a really unhealthy and disfunctional relationship and it's all kurt's fault # it's entirely kurt's fault # he's an asshole and he doesn't love blaine # he obviously doesn't love him # he doesn't love him at all # wow how dare you kurt because blaine is perfect and has NEVER wronged you and he always tells you everything that's bothering him # you should become a better mind reader # and change everything about your characterization to meet the exceedingly high appearance expectations on your half of klaine # where are the grand gestures kurt? # where are the serenades? # where are the constant ''i love you''s?? # you need to treat your perfect boyfriend better # ((CAN YOU TELL HOW FUCKING DONE I AM WITH THIS BULLSHIT??))) # WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO AKNOWLEDGE THAT BOTH CHARACTERS HAVE FLAWS # AND THAT A RELATIONSHIP ISN'T SOLEY DEPENDENT ON ONE PERSON HAVING ALL OF THE RIGHT ANSWERS # THESE CHARACTERS ARE HUMAN # AND THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT # i'm going to bed # i'm too upset to stay on this website # wankery of sorts # this is wank about wank # yep # in summary # it's possible to aknowledge that there are flaws in a realtionship without dishing the blame onto only 1/2 of said relationship # *throws glitter bomb into the air and peaces out for the night*
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:/ So I keep seeing people really upset about how Kurt and Blaine acted towards each other at particular moments of this episode. And I get it, in a way, because at the end of the day we all just want them to love each other and be happy and cheery.

But that’s just not how relationships are all the time.

These fights we keep getting? They’re exploring each of them, individually and within their relationship, and how they do and don’t work together, what their assumptions and understandings of their relationship are, and what it actually is. This isn’t just Kurt and Blaine growing up, this is KurtandBlaine growing up. They’re showing us their strengths together and their weaknesses and how they’re learning them and learning to work through them. It’s exciting to see them be real.

So yeah, Blaine had some pretty mean thoughts about Kurt.

And yeah, Kurt was pretty rough in that fencing match.

But, honestly, that’s part of love sometimes. I mean, how many of us love our parents? Or have a close relationship with at least one of them? Or even a fantastic friend that you love and could tell anything to?

Don’t you have days, moments, where you are so frustrated with something they’re doing or not doing or said and you just want to shove them out of the nearest window? Because they’re acting “dumb” or “stupid” and you don’t understand why because you can’t see their internal monologue?

That was Kurt and Blaine this episode. Kurt more so, I’d say. He’s got no idea what is going on with Blaine, only that he’s not how he usually is, and it starts getting annoying. To him there’s no concrete reason that Blaine’s given him for what’s going on.

Like, this is real life, these are realistic elements to most relationships. Anything that has two people coming together for something is going to have its bumps and snarling matches. That’s how you learn the absolute worst of each other, and then (as Kurt and Blaine are doing) you see it, talk about it, and take it into what your relationship already is and give that worst its own space. Without that worst, they aren’t being honest with each other or to themselves.

It’s always going to be there. Some days, you wake up and you just want to wring their necks for something completely pointless, but these two are learning how to deal with that now. And it’s great. It’s better to have these fights now than later, because it’ll only get harder the more settled into a conception of a “perfect life” they get.

They’re both human, they can both be absolutely awful and completely amazing. Sometimes at the same time. I, personally, love getting to see them be real people. To step outside of that high school ideal of what romance is and face reality and the marriage they’re moving towards.

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Oh, oh, I just realized something big about this episode and Klaine. What Blaine described in the resolution to his fight with Kurt is basically that he’s been feeling emasculated. He feels unattractive, unworthy, and undesirable. On the surface, that’s all about his weight gain, especially because it happens at the same time that Kurt looks stronger than ever and is getting a lot of attention for it. But if you look a little deeper, what does Blaine actually say? “I guess it started with when we first met and you came to Dalton to get away from Karofsky and I wanted to help you through that." And then later "I loved the way that felt. I loved it. I loved being able to protect you.

Why’s that important? Because of what happened in the last episode. Kurt was beaten up and almost killed and Blaine wasn’t there to protect him. And when I started thinking about all the seemingly random or slightly out of character things Blaine did in this episode in that context, it made much more sense. He’s having a crisis of confidence because he couldn’t do the one fundamental thing that he wants to do, that he’s always wanted to do: to protect Kurt, the love of his life. To see Kurt be so strong, even in the face of what happened to him, probably just made Blaine just doubt his own abilities even more and whether he was the right person for Kurt anymore. Not because Blaine wants anything other to be with Kurt forever, but because, as he says “I’m just so scared that you’re going to keep changing and keep getting stronger and one day you’re going to wake up and you’re going to realize ‘I don’t love him anymore.’” Blaine worries that Kurt needs someone stronger than him, and thankfully Kurt tells him that’s not what he needs at all.

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omg Mercedes sees a million romantic candles all over every surface of the apartment, and immediately thinks GOD DAMNIT BLAINE NOT AGAIN. 

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…and one day, you’re gonna wake up and realize that "I don’t love him anymore."

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AaronPaul: Thank you @themotley for the great stuff. Really appreciate it. Congrats @darrencriss on all of this. Bravo buddy.

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HALEY, this is because you sent fanmail and i can’t insert a gif on that but this is exactly what i just did while reading your last message.

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I’m  f i n e

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Oh my god but Blaine actually talking about his feelings and continuity and his hero complex and wanting to help and not wanting help for himself. 

This is fucking amazing. 

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I have to drink five pints of hot coconut water every day, with a little garlic salt, some splenda, and a splash of hot sauce, and then you basically jog until you hallucinate.